Celebrating 10 Years of Global Listed Real Estate Investment

Resolution Capital Limited (Resolution Capital) achieved a significant milestone in December 2016, with the 10 year anniversary of the launch of its global investment strategy.


Over the 10 year timeframe, the Resolution Capital Global Property Securities Strategy (Unhedged) has delivered gross returns of 6.9% p.a.[1], outperforming its benchmark[2] by 4.2% p.a.[3] and has delivered industry leading results globally versus peers.


Andrew Parsons, Managing Director of Resolution Capital, said: “In light of the high-water starting point and subsequent turbulent investment market conditions, we are particularly proud of the exceptionally strong absolute and relative returns.   Our investment approach is deliberately unconventional, so the investment outcome is particularly pleasing considering the shift towards passive investment management.”


The portfolio typically contains 45 to 50 high quality listed global real estate securities, which meet Resolution Capital’s stringent selection criteria. The investment strategy focuses on avoiding permanent impairment of capital, in line with the objective of long term real wealth creation.


Marco Colantonio, Director and Global Portfolio Manager, said:  “We are patient stewards of capital and the longer we invest, the more we appreciate the value of clearly articulating a strategy and remaining true to that philosophy through the cycle. We seek to allocate capital to property platforms which we judge are capable of delivering acceptable risk- adjusted returns together with high standards of corporate governance and balance sheet strength.”

About Resolution Capital


Resolution Capital is a specialist global real estate securities manager with a long-term investment track record and strong culture of fiduciary responsibility. The firm was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and maintains an office in New York, USA.


As at 31 January 2017, Resolution Capital had approximately $A5.2 billion under management, predominantly in its Global Property Securities strategies. Other strategies managed by Resolution Capital include, Global Prime Property Securities, Core Plus Property Securities and Asia Property Securities strategies. The Global Property Securities strategy is available to investors through separate accounts and pooled funds both within Australia and worldwide.


For more information visit: www.rescap.com



E: sonia.luton@rescap.com

P: +612 8258 9156


[1] Inception date of strategy is 20 December 2006.  Returns assume reinvestment of distributions. Fees may be individually negotiated with wholesale clients.

[2] Benchmark changed from UBS Global Investor Property Net Total Return Index (AUD Unhedged) to FTSE EPRA NAREIT Developed Index Gross Total Return (AUD Unhedged) effective August 2011.

[3] Out-performance is before management fees and taxes (excluding withholding tax on distributions).


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