Change of Responsible Entity of the Resolution Capital Series II Funds

Changes to the responsible entity

IOOF Investment Management Ltd ABN 53 006 695 021 AFSL 230 524 (IIML) was previously the responsible entity of the:

Resolution Capital Global Property Securities Fund (Hedged) – Series II ARSN 118 190 542;
Resolution Capital Global Property Securities Fund (Unhedged) – Series II ARSN 118 076 529;
Resolution Capital Core Plus Property Securities Fund – Series II ARSN 087 719 917.

(together, the Funds).

On 25 September 2015, IIML proposed that it retire as the responsible entity of the Funds and that Pinnacle Fund Services Limited ABN 29 082 494 362 AFSL 238 371 (Pinnacle) be appointed as the new responsible entity.

Meeting of unitholders

On 28 October 2015, each Fund’s unitholders passed the following resolution as an extraordinary resolution for the Fund:

‘That IOOF Investment Management Limited’s retirement as responsible entity of the Scheme be accepted and Pinnacle Fund Services Limited be appointed as responsible entity in its place with effect on 29 October 2015 and that these entities be authorised and directed to do all things necessary or desirable to implement the proposed change.’

The threshold required for the resolution to pass as an extraordinary resolution for each Fund is at least 50% of the votes which are able to be cast (whether in person or by proxy) by unitholders entitled to vote on the resolution.

The voting results tallied at the meetings of unitholders are shown in below. The resolution was passed for each Fund according to valid proxies received.

Were there any changes?

The change of responsible entity had no impact on the daily business activities and management of each Fund. From 29 October 2015, Pinnacle became the responsible entity for each Fund. Resolution Capital Limited (Resolution Capital) remains appointed as the investment manager for each Fund.

A new product disclosure statement was issued by Pinnacle on 29 October 2015 and is available from the PDS section on the Resolution Capital website at


If you would like any further information, please contact Resolution Capital on 1300 737 240 or Pinnacle on 1300 360 306 or