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Resolution Capital Launches Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

Resolution Capital is pleased to announce the launch of the Resolution Capital Global Listed Infrastructure Fund (the Fund).

Sonia Luton, Resolution Capital’s Managing Director said the Fund offers exposure to physical assets that deliver essential services to communities across the world.

“In our view, the assets in the listed sector are some of the best infrastructure assets in the world, which most investors would not be able to access directly as individuals.”

The Fund will have a strong ESG focus, particularly climate change risk, which we believe will offer a real point of difference for clients. The Fund will specifically exclude securities that the team believes are unable to meet the Paris Agreement targets for net zero emissions by 2050.

“The new Fund is a logical step forward for our firm which has a proven, long-term track record of delivering through cycle outperformance via concentrated portfolios of listed real estate and real assets.

“We have always taken a simple, yet unconventional approach to investing that focusses on the underlying assets, not indices. Our consistent and rigorous investment process has been key to the team’s success to date and will again underpin this new strategy.”

The Fund is led by a multi-PM team. The Portfolio Managers are Jan de Vos, Mark Jones, and Sarah Lau.   “The multi-PM structure gives our investor’s confidence in long-term style consistency and reduces key person risk.” said Ms Luton.

“The underlying physical assets of the securities within the Fund’s portfolio have high barriers to competition, require significant capital investment and importantly, typically generate long-dated, predictable cashflows,” said Jan de Vos.

“Global listed infrastructure is an asset class that can play a critical role in investment portfolios, offering inflation-protected income and attractive risk adjusted returns. Furthermore, major secular growth trends such as decarbonisation, digitisation and urban population growth support the long-term outlook for many listed infrastructure assets.” said Mr de Vos.

The Resolution Capital Global Listed Infrastructure Fund aims to achieve an annual total return that exceeds the total return of the Benchmark (the FTSE Developed Core Infrastructure 50/50 Index Net TRI) after fees on a rolling 3-year basis.


About Resolution Capital

Established in 2004, Resolution Capital is a specialist global listed real assets investment manager.

The investment team has over a 25 year investment track record and a disciplined investment process which emphasises a global sector perspective and a focus on long-term wealth preservation and appreciation.

Resolution Capital manages over A$17 billion in assets (as at August 2021) on behalf of institutional investors, pension funds, investment platforms, and financial advisers and their clients worldwide.

The firm is majority staff owned and the firm and staff also co-invest in the funds it manages.

Click here for more information about the Fund.


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